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As a Club Dance Affiliate, the best way for you to earn commissions and get your classes and events advertised, is to set up your own Microsite that people can link to from your website. IN only a few minutes, you could be advertising to thousands of dance enthusiasts. And don’t forget, the more bookings that come through, the more commission for you! Please click here to see an example of how your site can look when set up.

NB: You can update your details anytime by logging back in to the Affiliate Centre and clicking on ‘Update my affiliate homepage’

Homepage title

Enter title you would like to appear on your affiliate homepage.

Choose a link graphic

Select the type of banner ad you want to appear on your website that links to the Microsite.

Here you need to choose the method in which you wish to link from your website to the new Microsite. You can choose to place a banner ad on your site or just a text listing. Once you choose the one you want, the embed code will be displayed in your list of landing pages ("My Landing Pages") from the menu above. Copy and paste this link into your own website. If none of these banners suit you, please contact us for help.

Upload your company logo

Please upload your company logo to the Microsite. This is where you decide on the logo you want us to use for your Microsite. You can either upload your logo to our server. If you do not have a logo, we can set your name as text.

See example
NB: Please supply logo as a jpg or gif file. The maximum file sixe 100kbs Dimensions: 150 pixels wide x 125 pixels high. Jpeg or GIF is acceptable.

Link back URL

Enter the url that you would like vistors to return to after visiting our website.

Select holiday to display

Please select what holidays you wish to display on your Microsite.

On your Microsite, you have the option of displaying only certain holidays on your Microsite. You can filter the list by destination, by dance style, and by each individual holiday. Please click here to amend your holiday display listing Holiday Display Listing [?]:

Select listings to display

Please select what listings you want your users to see (classes, events, workshops) on your Microsite.

On your Microsite, you have the option of allowing people to only see your listings, or to see the listings of others also. Please select which listings you want to display on your Microsite. Advert Display Listing:[?]: