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Academia Flamenca in Spain

Academia Flamenca teaches authentic Flamenco with an emphasis on technical excellence and expressiveness. Técnica Flamenca (Flamenco dance technique) involves learning postura (posture), brazos y manos (arm and hand movement), zapateado (footwork), vueltas (turns), palmas (rhythmic clapping), pitos (finger snaps), and castañuelas (castanets). Coreografía de baile involves learning dance choreographies in various rhythms and styles such as Sevillanas, Alegrías, Soleá, Bulerías, Seguiriyas, Tangos, Fandangos, Tientos, Farruca, Tanguillo de Cádiz and more. Classes are organised at several levels: children, adult beginners, “improvers,” Intermediate levels (1 & 2), and advanced.

The Academia runs two ten-day courses in Andalucía, Spain, at Easter and in the second half of August. These are held in Estepona, a picturesque fishing pueblo with old-style Andalusian charm, having become a favourite seaside resort with holidaymakers. Regular classes take place in London in studios equipped with sprung floors and mirrors, and are accompanied by a professional guitarist.

Academic Year: Autumn 2004-Summer 2005:

London Classes: ongoing (continuous schedule except Xmas break)
Spain Classes: 21 March - 1 April (2005 Spring)

Summer 2005:

London Classes: ongoing until 30 July 2005
Spain Classes: 15 August - 26 August 2005

Classes available on: Monday Tueday Wednesday Thuday Friday 

Costa del Sol

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