Salsa in Havana

Nights:7 nights
Dates:28/10/2013 to 04/11/2013
Holiday Code:SAL1303

1,649.00 GBP

per person
Flight included
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When you get there

Classes and Teachers: Over the course of your holiday you will recieve over 15 hours of salsa tuition from our team of professional dancers. Remember the criteria by which we select our teachers extends way beyond mere technical ability or even teaching ability. We look for teachers who are charismatic and entertaining and who will teach you to dance with flair. And as these are much more than just teachers, because they will be accompanying you at night, we also select them for their personality and, quite frankly, physical attractiveness.

Dance Levels: There will be at least two levels of Salsa tuition so that the classes will cater for all abilities, from beginner through to advanced. The dance teachers will be able to advise you on the first day of classes and suggest the level that is most appropriate to your ability and experience.
Beginners will learn enough moves to enjoy themselves dancing with the Cubans in local nightclubs. Intermediate and Advanced dancers will receive expert tuition on movement and technique designed to improve their style and will come home with some great new moves and loads of fluid Cuban style. The salsa classes will take place in a dance space within the Hotel Nacional.

Syllabus: We have recently completely refreshed the salsa syllabus we teach in order to make it more comprehensive. If this is your second trip to Cuba we are confident that you will find alot of new material in this syllabus. If it´s your first time you will find this course entirely comprehensive.

You will cover:-
Cuban music and how the rythms are constructed
Cha Cha cha - slow mambo tempo
Reggaeton (popular music from Puerto Rico - a blend of salsa, meregue and reggae and currently very fashionable
How Cuban salsa differs from LA / New York style which you may have encountered in the UK.
Tembleque and Cuban body movement
Rueda (Cuban Wheel)
Cha Cha Cha


The Cuban dance scene: Dance and music penetrates much of Cuba life. Cubans are surrounded in their daily life by an eclectic mix music of Son, Rumba, Afrocuban, Danzon, Cha Cha Cha, Dancehall, Rap and Hip Hop. The dance scene is fantastic fun, playful and provocative. Partners dance close and the style is creative and carefree. The latest dance craze is 'Tembleke' which is a rapid, sassy body movement involving the shoulders, chest, torso and hips danced solo at your partner.

Clubs and venues in Havana: Using the inside information from our Cuban teaching team, we will take you to the most happening venues. These may include concerts of world famous Salsa bands (such as Los Van Van), Salsa-ing by the sea just across from the Malecon, a Salsa Matinee (hot Cuban salsa and lots of Rueda between 4.30pm and 10pm! - the Cubans come here after work), traditional 'Casas de las Trovas' where you can dance on the balcony, smart clubs with drink-as-much-as-you-like bars, hot late night venues (from 2.30am onwards) where you will find the DJs mixing Salsa with Hip Hop and rap. Most clubs cost between $10-25. You are expected to pay your own way into the nightclubs and the transport there and back unless it is included as part of an excursion. We may walk, take taxis or organise private coach transport (about $2) to the best clubs.

Club Entry

Casa de la Musica 10 to 20 CUCs
Hotel Florida 5 CUCs includes 2 cocktails
Club 1820 3 CUCs
La Gruta 5 CUCs

Drinks at Clubs vary in price depending on which club you go to and the time of day you attend. For example, Casa De La Musica bar prices are cheaper at Matinee shows and more expensive in the evening.

Average club drink prices

Cocktails 3 - 4 CUCs
Soft drinks and beer 1 - 3 CUCs
Bottle of rum 12 - 20 CUCs