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Dancing: Have you thought about it?


I have just started Salsa classes and thought I would share my experience for anyone who is thinking of starting to dance out there...........! So I started salsa lessons and have had two lessons and I already know that this needs to be a slow and steady process and the more you practise the better you will become (me thinks). So off I went to a local salsa lesson with a partner!

Now (a partner) this is not imperative but it helps as these places do not have enough men! So if you are a single guy looking to meet women then this is the place to go! You know.. common interest strike up a conversation and who knows what may happen! However for single women it is very acceptable to go on your own as women are really doing their thing! Don’t let going on your own stop you, once you get into the flow you are fine but you need to stick to it.

So we arrived and sat down and immediately someone said hello asked if we had danced before and made conversation with us – everyone is really friendly which really puts you at ease. Then came the warm up! One of the instructors takes the lead at the top of the class and you follow them – now this is daunting! I will not lie.......at this point I was thinking what have we let ourselves in for?

But the beginners are then taken away to one corner of the hall and shown the step in a smaller group (we have 7 with the instructor). As you are in a smaller group this is much easier to follow as everything is broken down step by step. As the lesson progresses the steps are put into a routine that you practice to music and in partners. But you need to stick to it!

Keep practising once you get into the flow you are fine and you do not need to remember everything. If your teacher is worth their salt then you have a recap and move onto the new steps that you add to the routine.

I also like the idea that you have a group that you can keep in with and the group and you can grow together!

This is my experience of my local club and I am enjoying this activity and it gives us time together learning a new skill! I will let you know how this is going............. watch this space.