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A to Z of dance


Dance your way through the alphabet with our A to Z of dance....

Air-conditioning - Dancers will know how important this is; sweaty feet do not make for a good performance
Ballroom - Requirements vary enormously between dance styles and both size and floor type need to be carefully considered when planning any dance event
Couples - Partner dances including Ballroom, Salsa, Ceroc and Tango need a balanced male - female ratio and the best dance events ensure this is met; in this way singles can come and be safe in the knowledge they'll have someone to dance with
Drop - A theatrical type of movement in which the follower’s body weight is partially or completely supported by the leader while at least one part of the follower’s body remains in contact with the floor.
Elevation - The ability to jump high into the air and give the appearance of remaining suspended at the apex of the jump.
Freestyle - A form of dance improvisation, involving the process of spontaneously creating movements.
Guys - Always in demand at large events, men are required to lead in most partner dances
Host - Dance hosts often work Ballroom and Tango events to act as leaders where there is an excess of female dancers
Ice Dancing - Increasingly popular thanks to recent TV shows, dancing on ice draws from the world of ballroom dancing
Jive - An international competitive Swing dance with elements of Lindy Hop and the Jitterbug
Kizomba - A popular dance and music genre created in Angola in the 1990s
Leaders - Partner dances require leaders and followers, generally male and female respectively
Music - Without music there would be no dance. Each dance genre has its own unique musical accompaniment which brings the dance alive
New - Dance has evolved massively over the years and cultural influences continue to change and enhance dance styles, with new dance moves and styles being developed worldwide
One-step - A dance that consisted entirely of chasses without any change in rhythm. It was danced to the popular music of the period encompassing World War I
Paradas - A Spanish word meaning "stops", employed in a variety of dance styles
Quickstep - English version of the Fast Fox Trot, which has quick hopping steps set in with the smoother gliding figures.
Rhythm - Defined as the regular occurrence of accented beats that shape the character of music or dance
Spotting - A fixing of the eyes on one spot as long as possible during turns to avoid dizziness and to keep one's orientation
Tempo - In musical terminology, tempo is the speed or pace of a given piece
Universal - Dance is available to all, a fabulous, fun way to get fit and meet new people
Variations - From the differing salsa styles (Cuban, On1, On2, Cross-Body) to the various Ballroom dances there is a multitude of different dance interpretations
Wear - Dance wear is big business and apart from dance shoes there is clothing for both men and women, with Pineapple Studios' designs becoming a mainstream brand
X Marks the Spot - Most dances require spatial awareness and for the dancer to occupy his or her own space or "spot" on the dance floor
You - Dancing will enhance your life and is all about enjoying yourself. Get fit, learn something and enjoy a whole new social scene
Zumba Fitness - A trail-blazer, the first Latin-inspired dance workout.