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MedFest - a DJ's Perspective


This week we delve into the archives to look back at former MedFest DJ Rob Ambridge's MedFest experience way back in 2008 when the holiday still took place in Lloret de Mar.....

"Upon arrival on the Sunday we were allocated rooms, but had a short wait for our keys so we went to the Salsa bar. The weather was lovely so we celebrated our arrival with a few beers. There was Salsa music playing with some lead and follow going on, Maja and I joined in. I took my shoes and socks off and we just bopped for a while until others turned up.

After a while it was decided that cocktails were in order which meant a trip into town. I left my shoes by the bar, thinking I'd pick them up later them later and Maja took James and I to a fantastic bar on the beach where then had our first cocktail – Sex on the Beach – it was great. I called everyone else from the Salsa bar down to enjoy the wonderful cocktails and most of us ended up in the sea!

As the beach was quite gritty I walked back to the Salsa bar carrying my sandals where we were greeted with some Sangria - by this time we were feeling on the merry side! I met up with Anja and as we were chatting more and more Club Dance Holidays people began to arrive. 6pm was time for the welcome meeting, where the team were introduced amongst a great deal of laughter and joking thanks to the fact that most people were pretty tipsy by this point!

After a quick change, food and wine I dashed to my room, grabbed my cd player and cd’s, ran down stairs, plugged in to the Dance Halls PA and started the tunes. Ian and I shared the music that evening, it was great fun. The energy in the room was electric, thanks to the excitement of people arriving and the heat - everyone was tired from travelling but full of energy at the start of what promised to be a fantastic week. We finished at 1’o clock and it occurred to me that I’d been up for 26 hours!

It had been raining that evening, but I knew shoes were at top bar, so dashed out about 1.30 a.m, both shoes and sandals we nowhere to be found. It was pretty wet on the steps and I slipped and fell, stubbed one of my toes which went kinda red. So endeth the first day.

I was convinced that my shoes would turn up so on the second day I didn’t wear any that morning. I was told that the Salsa bar didn't open till midday, so I went down to breakfast, get yelled at by breakfast staff asking "where are your shoes?" to which I’d reply "you tell me?!". For the next 4 days I hunted for them to no avail. Anyway, after breakfast it was time to check equipment ready for the lessons (music, PA, Mics etc) followed by a meeting for the group that arrived later, also to advise of the first pool party which was to be that afternoon.

After a quick visit to the cocktail bar on the beach, loads of people came down to the pool party and Tim hosted an Aqua Ceroc session with people dancing to the music on the area in front of the Shed at same time (we called it the Chicken Shack Disco). Of course the floor was wet, people we slipping everywhere, Debbie, Maja and Sarah D were splashing everyone - it was great fun. I still hadn’t got shoes / or sandals of course and I did a comedy slip which Ian thought was hilarious, despite the fact that I stubbed my toe again. It then went from red to black and I resolved to get some shoes at some point!

The pool party was fab and went on until 5ish, people still chatting. A quick dash to my room followed by dinner and more wine then of course Monday nights music and it all began again. Tim's opening class was fabulous on Tuesday, the atmosphere electric, with high energy and a real party feel. A few of us went back to Maja and James' Room where some Peach Schnapps was opened. Maja noticed that there was lime tree just outside the window and expertly climbed it to retrieve a couple of juicy limes perfect for the Schnapps –great ending to an evening!

I decided the next day to wear my dance shoes everywhere even to Barcelona!! Barcelona was fab – beautiful city – the Salsa club was great, much better than last year's. On the Friday I went shopping to Lloret town and found some shoes very similar to my mysteriously vanishing pair so bit the bullet and coughed up 80euros, resiging myself to the fact that I wouldn't see mine again!

Friday evening we ended up going to the town to other bars and then room parties long after the official party ended. That’s why on the last day, Saturday, despite the lure of the cocktail bar I was detoxing!! Saturday night was a celebration and a sum up of all the madness of the week. There was a fantastic toga Party and songs with themed songs, and areal party vibe. I had to be pretty sharp in feeding the music to Debbie at this point as she was firing on all cylinders. Was a great evening feel from start to finish!

In addition to the amazing party feel of the week, the lessons were of top quality- all had something different to offer, with innovative challenges and wonderful opportunities to practise a top dance style. Roll on next year!"