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The benefits of dance


We all love to dance but most of us do it behind closed doors.

It’s hard to keep still when watching dance shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice and Got to Dance, and films like Dirty Dancing, Step Up, Footloose and Stomp The Yard. I usually find myself tapping my feet and sometimes I even get up and dance along. I’m sure it’s not just me?
With the growing interest in dance and a large variety of dance based TV shows and films, the number of “arm chair dancers” across the country is booming. And why not? There are many lifestyle benefits connected to dance which can make a positive impact on your mood and health.  
It improves your memory - Dancers often learn new routines and styles and become generally good at learning things quickly and methodically in their day to day life.
It keeps you fit - Dance styles such as Jazz and Ballet consist of jumping and leaping which requires strength to the leg muscles. Ballroom dancing consists of lifts which develop muscle mass. Ballroom dancing also increases endurance, along with other vigorous dances such as line dancing and Zumba.
Well being and a sense of satisfaction - Dancing is becoming more of a social activity and according to studies strong social ties pay a large contribution to increasing self-esteem and confidence as well as building social skills. It is a great way of escaping from the stresses of life and an exciting way of keeping fit. 
Dance satisfies the mood by calming the mind. It helps build muscles and burn calories and creates an overall sense of happiness.
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