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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Dance


There are many advantages of dancing, social, physical and physiological all which will help have a positive impact to your life. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should jump off that couch and onto the dance floor:

1 – Stress Relief – dancing is a great recipe to relieve stress, it involves the best ingredients for stress relief: physical activity, music and emotional expression 
2 - Brain Boost – dance moves force the brain and body to become tightly coordinated. The moves are memorised keeping the brain sharp
3 – Sturdy Bones – dancing can prevent the slow loss of bone mass as the movements from dancing can strengthen the weight-bearing bones – the tibia, fibula and femur.
4 – Physical Fitness – 30 minutes of dancing burns between 200-400 calories and is more fun than 30 minutes of working out at the gym! It improves posture, strength, stamina, alignment and more.
5 - Cardiovascular Fitness – The level of exertion is up to you. You decide on whether you want to do a high intensity work out or whether you want to take it easy. If done regularly, dancing can lower heart rate, blood pressure, can improve your cholesterol profile and it’s safe! 
6 - Social Environment – dancing is a great way of meeting new people. Classes are usually set in a relaxed and non-threatening environment
7 - Mental Health – previous studies have proven that activities such as dancing which involves both physical and mental activity can in fact help slow the process of Alzheimer’s disease
8 – Balance – those who have a history of dance tend to have less accidents from falling as they get older
9 – Confidence Booster – dancing can help boost confidence. It’s a fun and exciting way to express yourself. All you need is good music.
10 – Energy Boost – Daily exercise gets your blood pumping which boosts your energy levels. It also gives you endorphins which increases your happiness levels.
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