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Best Dance Destinations


With the growing number of dance styles, and their sub-genres created through various social and cultural influences, it is easy to forget where the dances originated. Here are some of the best destinations where some of the most popular dance styles were born or developed:

Brazil – You’ll most definitely see the Capoeira being performed across the many streets of Brazil. The dance incorporates martial arts, handstands, flips and music created by African slaves.

Spain  The best place to see Flamenco dancers stomp their feet in polka-dot dresses is in Spain’s Andalucia region, where the dance was born.

Argentina – Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina where Tango originated around the 1880s and is still home tothe dance of love with people of all ages dancing across the city.

Colombia  The world capital of salsa is said to be Cali in Colombia with nearly 200 dance schools and clubs.

Cuba  Cuba is the home of Cuban Salsa and you will findpeople all over dancing to this popular style. Many salsa clubs can be found across Havana.

Russia – Despite having origins in various countries in Europe, Ballet is most closely associated with Russia.  The country is home to many of the world’s greatest ballet dancers and world-renowned ballet companies.