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Famous Exports of Austria


Austria is one of Europe's favourite ski destinations and it's no secret that the country offers some of northern Europe's best slopes as well as fabulous apres-ski, stunning scenery and hearty cuisine. But Schnitzel and Strudel are not the country's only famous exports. We look at Austria's world-famous figures...

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Needing no introduction, Arnie is possibly Austria's most famous 20th Century export. Bodybuilder, action star, and politician who served as the governor of California from 2003 to 2011. Catchphrase: "I'll be back".

2. Sigmund Freud

Freud qualified as a doctor of medicine at the University of Vienna in 1881 and went on to create psychoanalysis. His influence on popular culture and contemporary thought is expressed in W. H. Auden's poem: "to us he is no more a person / now but a whole climate of opinion / under whom we conduct our different lives".

3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Considered by most experts to have been a musical genius, Mozart was a child prodigy. He learned to play the piano by watching his sister's lessons, and began composing music and performing for royalty at age five and went on to write over 600 musical pieces.

4. Nikola Tesla

Electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and physicist, who invented the electrical motor, arc lighting, and AC power. Interestingly, he worked for Thomas Edison but resigned after Edison refused to pay him the money he promised.

5. Danny Nucci
 Born in Klagenfurt, raised in Italy until the age of 7 and settling in the United States, this supporting actor is known for his role as Fabrizio De Rossi, Jack Dawson's italian friend in Titanic. He also starred in The Rock, Eraser, World Trade Centre and many other films as well as TV shows.


6. Marie Antoinette

French queen of Louis XVI who said, 'Let them eat cake!'. Despite being relatively low-profile she was ultimately executed.

7. Johnny Weissmuller

Olympic gold medalist who played Tarzan for two different studios. Johnny was married six times but had children with only one of his wives.

8. Hedy Lamarr

Hollywood beauty who appeared in Ecstasy in 1933 and Samson and Delilah in 1949. She married six times. Her longest marriage, which lasted seven years, was to W. Howard Lee and began in 1953.

9. Franz Ferdinand

Not the popular band but the heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne whose assassination in 1914 by Serbian nationalists sparked WWI. After the assassin shot him and his wife, his final words to her were, 'Don't die darling, live for our children.'

10. Franz Schubert

Master composer of the classical Romantic period who wrote more than 600 works during his brief lifetime. Franz was already was more skilled than his music teachers at the age of seven, and he entered one of Austria's top music schools by the age of 11.

Tread in the steps of the celebrated and the notorious on our Ski-Jive holiday in Niederau, Austria 9 - 16 March 2014.