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A Match Made in Heaven


We've just launched a brand new Ski  Jive holiday and want to talk about why ski and dance are the perfect partners. We don't mean shimmying down the slopes practising your salsa highlights or turning up to an evening freestyle dressed as Mariah Carey in THAT cringey snow-themed video. We mean combining adrenaline and alpine air by day with fun, freestyle dancing and apres-ski indulgence by night.

Our top five reasons why ski and dance are a holiday match made in heaven:
 1. Fitness levels. We all know that dance is a great way to keep fit; doing something you love while increasing your stamina and fitness levels is much more fun that sweating it out in the gym. Imagine these fitness results combined with a demanding but fun physical ski regime by day - you will return from a week's ski dance holiday feeling fitter than if you'd been to Boot Camp with Kerry Katona!
 2. Après-ski. The dictionary definition for après-ski is: " Social events or activities that take place after skiing, including drinking, eating and dancing" which pretty much proves that ski-ing and dancing go hand in hand. What better way to top off an invigorating day on the slopes than with a fun freestyle dance evening in a beautiful mountain-top venue?
 3. La Mode. People who ski are fashionable, fun, young-minded and fit. People who dance are also fashionable, fun, young-minded and fit. If you do one then you should definitely try the other.
 4. Choreography. Rhythmic up-and-down motions are the key to mastering skiing. Ankles, knees and hips need to be placed in line before the body is extended upward with gradual flexing and extending of the ankles, knees and hips, but stopping before the body is fully erect. A consistent up-and-down rhythm while moving only within this range, with hands forward, creates a confident ski movement. If you can master choreographed dance then you can definitely master skiing.
 5. Activities. Ski resorts are not just ski resorts. They're fully equipped for people who enjoy sport and physical activity and most have large fitness centres with spas as well as ice skating rinks, tobogganing, bowling and all manner of other activities. And, for our purposes, excellent dance floor space for classes and evening freestyles.
 And finally....
 6. THAT Mariah Carey video. If Mariah can dance in the snow then so can we!