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Jive: Back in time to the 1940s


An energetic dance style and probably one of the fastest of Latin dances, we go back in time to experience the beginning of Jive...

The birth of the dance style remains a mystery; some people say it was originally a Seminole War dance amongst African-American communities. Others believe that the dance was born through African social dances passed on through generations.
We do know that Jive was influenced by Boogie, Rock & Roll, African/American Swing and Lindy Hop from the 1920s. We know it became popular in the United States during the 1940s, and we know it was introduced to Europe from the American soldiers who stationed overseas during the Second World War.
The dance is happy and energetic dance with lots of knee-lifting and hip movements, with kicks and flicks, twirling of the woman.
The simplest of all partner dances is Modern Jive, also known as Ceroc or LeRoc. This genre of the dance was introduced during the 1980s after dancers in London thought it would be easier for students to learn the Jive if they didn’t need to learn the footwork. For that reason, Modern Jive doesn’t include any footwork to learn. It’s made up of simple moves which involves dancers walking to a beat!
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