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Cuban Fury - Real Men Dance



We’re excited to see Cuban Fury out next week on Friday 14 February. Although not actually filmed in Cuba, the British comedy is set in the midst of the salsa scene. It’s about how a former salsa dancer robbed of his confidence from bullying at the age of 13 attempts a comeback after 22 years, but this time he’s out of shape and stuck in a downward spiral of self pity and take-outs. His only motivation is his new American boss who’s way out of his league. Thanks to his historic knowledge of salsa, Nick Frost, who plays Bruce Garrett, knows the only one way to a woman’s heart – dancing, as she reignites his passion for salsa.  
Although we know it won’t be so much of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, we’re excited to watch Frost getting his salsa on, or at least trying to, on the dance floor as he attempts to keep up with the pace, and reunite with his inner Latino moves. Will he remember the steps?
Check out the trailer by clicking here. Will you be watching?