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How to Attract Your Next Dance Partner


Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Here are a few tips on how to attract your next dance partner (especially for those planning on stepping out later for a bit of Valentine’s Day dancing......)

 You don’t need to be the best dancer to be approached. You can attract invitations to dance just by being more...approachable. Here’s how:

 Avoid bare shoulders or back – The last thing you want is to sweat, but when it comes to dancing that’s exactly what will happen. By avoiding having bare shoulders and back, the male dancers won’t need to feel the clammy sweat, and it will save you a lot of embarrassment too.

 It’s also best to wear one layer of clothing to make it easier for the man to lead as two layers can slip and slide under his hand.

Shoes – If he sees you wearing the wrong kind of shoes, he will know you’re not there to dance. Sandals, rubber-sole walking shoes, and high heels and lose fitting shoes would be a big no no on his list as it restricts movement. Flat pumps or medium heels are recommended.

Get yourself noticed – Once you’re dressed the part, simply smile or say hello as you meet the dancers on the way into the venue making it seem you are easily approachable. This helps them find it easier to approach you.

Stand alone – Men are more comfortable approaching their next partner when the dance partner is alone. Take time out to circulate the edge of the dance floor alone, go to the toilet alone, and stand at the dance floor alone.

Stance: Ready to dance – Show them you’re ready to dance.  Don’t cross your arms or hold anything. Elbows should be bent and forearms at the waistline, feel free to sway with the music slightly as it tells him you’re ready to dance. Open body language that’s the key!

Relax and watch - While you wait for your next dance partner to approach you.  Watch the dancers already on the dance floor, happily and avoid looking at men so you don’t appear to be overly eager. Keep your eyes on the dance floor.

Test these out and let us know how it went!