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What to eat after a workout


We’ve already given you some of the top tips on foods that can boost your fitness performance in our January newsletter and now we’re sharing our top tips on what to eat after your workout.

Exercising uses up a lot of fuel which is why most people feel so hungry after they’ve undertaken a fitness workout, so it’s important to choose the right type of foods to help with your overall fitness plan.

After you’ve had a really long high-intensity workout, you must refuel. Carbs, must I say it, are a great source of energy so you won’t be left feeling glum and tired afterwards. Protein is also a must after a high-intensity workout as it helps with the repair process. Toast with eggs, an apple and cheese or a yogurt and banana are great ways to refuel. If not that, then a drink of chocolate milk will do the trick.
If your workouts are fairly moderate, the best thing would be to perform these before food. If you work out in the morning, then have breakfast after. If you work out in the evening, do it before dinner ensuring that your meals contain a balanced diet. Snacking is a no no unless you’re watching the calories.
People usually feel like they can eat anything after a workout. By eating ‘just a muffin’ after the workout could actually mean you’re eating more calories than you burned off. Your fitness training should come hand in hand with a healthy diet. Skipping meals to lose weight only shows against your fitness performance later on.
Turn your plate into a rainbow each evening with colourful fruits and vegetables.