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Destination Cuba: Go Now Before it Changes


Famous for its beaches, architecture, climate and distinct history, along with its rum and cigars, Cuba has been a popular topic in the news recently with its increase in tourism, including well known stars taking time out to visit the Island.  Cuba is still one of the top destinations on many people’s ‘places to visit’ list and is one of the Holiday Hotspots for 2014 recommended by The Guardian.


Salsa in CubaThe REAL Cuba

Cuba’s tourist industry celebrated through January after figures revealed a record year in 2013 with a total of 2.85 million foreign visitors to Cuba, by which the Tourism Ministry announced plans to increase tourism to the Island in 2014 were already in motion.

The islands residents, some 11.1 million people, have seen many significant changes since 2011 and with plans to open its economy under a new law soon to be taken up by its legislature; the island is yet to see more modifications.

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