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The bad foods you can eat


We’re always being told what’s good for us and what’s bad for us.. Did you know the bad stuff, the things shunned upon like carbs and dairy, we need it, and as long as you feed yourself in moderation, it’s not actually a bad thing! Here are some cravings that you can give in to - 

Carbohydrates – Your body needs carbs regardless of the negative reputation it has been given over the years. It is the carbs that provide energy in the form of glucose.  Good carbs can be found in fruit and veg as well as whole wheat foods which also provide fibre. 

Chocolate – It’s probably one of the biggest food cravings after carbohydrates but if your determined that you will have chocolate, then give yourself dark chocolate. According to studies, dark chocolate helps increase the blood flow to the brain. Just remember do eat in moderation – which means a few bits rather than a few blocks!

Cheese – Yes, cheese is high in fat but it is also high in calcium which is great for strengthening the bones, teeth and regulates circulation.

Salt – Most adults consume double the amount of salt than the daily recommendation. Too much of it increases health problems such as the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure etc. According to nutritionist Joy Bauer, salt helps transmit nerve impulses and aids in the heart and other muscles to contract. You can reduce salt intake by opting for fresh foods instead of canned.

So eat up and get those dancing feet moving.

Keep an eye on our blog in the next few weeks where you can learn the effects of having too much of the good stuff!

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