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The Good Foods That Aren't So Good....


Right! So we've already told you about the "bad" foods that are actually good for you in our previous blog (click here to read),(link but now we shed some light on the good foods that actually may not be so good! So here's a few tips to ensure you're not fooled into buying a load of unhealthy "healthy" products.

Wheat bread and multi-grain bread
Yes, this is a better option than white bread...or is it?

Some brands have their "multi-grain" bread made with refined grains which do not benefit you as much as the actual whole grain. Make sure you read the labels on the packaging to ensure you get the good stuff! The first clue will be in the ingredients; if the first flour is said to be "bleached" or "in bleached enriched wheat flour" then guess what, it's not whole wheat, or whole grain. Basically what they're saying is that it's white bread with a tint of brown.

Already-made salads
It says "salad" on the packaging but is it really a salad and if so, are salads actually healthy? Did you know some salads have more calories than a Big Mac? Think about it, croutons, cheese, bacon, meats, all drenched in the delicious dressings. Either make it at home so you can control what goes in it, or ask for the dressing on the side and dip your salad into it.

Cranberry juice
Have you ever tried pure cranberry juice? The drink is tart and almost undrinkable, which is why the cranberry juices from stores and supermarkets are loaded with sugar and sweeteners. A can of cola is probably a better option than an 8 ounce glass of most cranberry juices bought from stores! What you can do, is purchase cranberry juice concentrate. The drink is usually available in smaller bottles and is way to tart on its own. But diluted in a bit of water and hey presto! You have the juice and the flavour your body needs.

You're not alone if you thought granola was a healthy food. Most granola is anything but healthy. They're made with honey, puffed rice and rolled oats. Then there's the added sugar and fat. Nutritional value? Not much. It's low in vitamins and minerals and actually leads to bloating and stomach problems as it's hard to digest. Alternative? We recommend cereals high in fibre and low in sugar... Or if you want to snack, a small handful of almonds will do the trick!