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Cuba - The Best Destination!



Cuba has it all – sun, sand, salsa, history and fine rum. It is no wonder that Cuba has always captured the imagination of many, and frankly is no surprise that Cuba was voted 2015 Destination of the Year by Travel + Leisure.
Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, and last traditional communist nation stronghold, has a somewhat mythological air about it, trapped in time especially with Havana. Havana, the capitol of Cuba, is just a wonderful city. Its old grand colonial style architecture, the vintage 1950s American cars, the smoke of its famous and most sought after cigars, the beat of music and the pulse of salsa that emerged through the mixture of African and Spanish cultures, just delight the senses. Though, there is more to Havana then the classic clichés that we may have in mind. There is now a small but growing art scene, and with the rise of tourism in Cuba combined with loosening of some restrictions, a growing restaurant scene as well. Just check out this amazing video from the New York Times.
Though there is more to Cuba than Havana alone. On the other side of the island and further east from Havana, roughly 196 miles apart, you can find the town of Trinidad, another colonial city and a UNESCO world heritage site since 1988. Surrounding Trinidad is the beautiful nature reserve of Topes de Collantes, situated on the Sierra del Escambray, it has breath-taking canyons, gorgeous pools and natural beauty of its flora and fauna. A perfect opportunity to see the rich, lush, green vegetation of the largest Caribbean island.
And let’s not forget its endless line of beautiful sandy white beaches across the island. The picture below says it all.
However, it may not last and things may be changing quite soon. Since the thaw and resumption of U.S.-Cuban relations, the door has now opened for Americans to be allowed to visit Cuba directly from the United States - the first time in decades since the travel ban was put in place by the U.S. government on its citizens from visiting the island. This will inevitably rocket Cuba to unbelievable heights as holiday destination.
At the moment, this hasn’t affected Cuba just yet, and there aren’t really a whole load of luxury style hotels, or any coffee chains and other big named corporations or goods that you would normally find in many top resorts or holiday destinations. As the BBC mentions, Cuba still has “an intangible stamp of “authenticity”…” And that is the point of going to Cuba. You want to get away from the normal, from the big brands, from the polished modern resorts. And if you really want to immerse yourself into Cuba, my advice, and truly, I think this is the best way to experience the “authentic” Cuba, is to stay in one of the Casa Particulars. Casa Particulars are the actual homes of a real Cuban family – a sort of lodging. Heavily regulated, and completely safe, staying in a Casa with a Cuban family you really get to delve in to the daily life of a Cuban culture.
Club Dance Holidays have been doing trips to Cuba for 15 years now, mainly Salsa holidays, but also recently a music holiday to Cuba called, Learn to Play, where guests will jam and record music with Cuban based bands at the famous Egrem Studios. There is also Club Dance Holiday’s post-Christmas holiday getaway that has become a classic, and the ultimate salsa holiday for all levels - 2 weeks in Cuba from late December to early January.
Check out a video of the Club Dance Holiday Cuba trip here.
What more could you dream of a winter break, seeing the New Year in Cuba, warm sunny climate and partying the night away in Havana!
So what are you waiting, book now and experience the adventure… before the tourism revolution takes place!
Club Dance Holidays are offering multiple trips to Cuba:
7 nights, Learn to Play Cuba                        28th March – 04th April
10 nights, Salsa in Cuba!                             30th May – 09th June & 31st October – 10th November
7 nights, Salsa in Havana                            30th May – 06th June & 31st October – 7th November
14 nights, The Roots of Cuban Salsa          29th Dec 2016 – 12th Jan 2017