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Calpe - the 'Northern Rock'



Ceroc Med Fest Calpe with view of Peñon de Ifach

Most people first thought of Calpe is what people generally have of the Costa Blanca itself – tourist resort and holiday homes. And while this may be true – and there is good reason why – there is more to this part of the world then holidaymakers.
Calpe, a Mediterranean coastal town in the province of Alicante, which is itself in the Valencia Community region (Valencia Community is a semi-autonomous state within Spain), is roughly over 40 miles away from Alicante. The most striking landmark in Calpe is the Gibraltaresque limestone rocky outcrop emerging from the sea, Peñon de Ifach. You would be forgiven for thinking you may be Gibraltar from a distance. On the southern side of the Peñon de Ifach you would find the old town around the bay of Playa Arsenal, where Calpe’s other industry – fishing – is located. Every afternoon you can watch the daily catch being unloaded and auctioned at the fish market.  
Here in the Old Town you can walk along the old, narrow, cobbled streets, with potted plants decorating the area. The old townhouses within the old city walls are still homes today for the locals. The city walls were built to protect the town from Barbary pirates, who operated from the North African coast, up until the 17th century. It’s a beautiful area to go for a lovely afternoon stroll. And every Saturday mornings there is the very popular and large market, selling the freshest fruit & veg, clothes, jewellery and other products, with Wednesday mornings dedicated to the flea market.
Salsa Splash Holiday at the A R Diamante Hotel, Calpe
Calpe has had a long history, and this is due to its strategic location, as well as its bays which is ideal for a fishing industry. It first gained prominence as a suitable location when the Romans came to Iberia, and thrived as a marine trading post. The ruins of the Queens bath, an old Roman fish farm is still there in Calpe, and one of the cultural highlights of the town. It continued being an important town its fishing and salt farms when Spain was ruled by the Moors. The Moors built a castle, which is now in ruins, but the remains can still be seen today overlooking the Mascarat Pass.
However, the main prize of Calpe is the Parque de Natural del Peñon de Ifach, which is where the rock of Peñon de Ifach is located. This is where you can get the chance to summit the mount of the rock. By no means easy, it will take over 2 hours to do a round trip, going through a tunnel before climbing the 1,000ft high limestone rock. Though the climb is well worth it, as you have probably the best stunning seascape view in the area.
Though the Peñon de Ifach is probably the jewel in the crown of Calpe's attraction, there is also the Las Salinas de Calpe, another of Calpe's natural landscape attraction and nature reserve, which deserves equally merit to the Peñon de Ifach. Las Salinas is in the centre of the town, very close to the Parque de Natural del Peñon de Ifach. It is a large saltwater lagoon, and has been used to harvest salt for centuries, going as far back as to Roman times. Although it no longer home to a salt industry, the lagoon is home to a variety of birds, including a colony of Flamingos that can be seen all year round. The lagoon provides sanctuary for the flamingos, as well as the many other birds, that either use it as their habitat, or for migrating birds to pause while on their trips. There are wooden walkways in the lagoon which keeps the lagoon in its condition yet at the same time allows for ornithologists, bird watchers, or tourists to view the nature reserve and the wildlife in all its glory.
View of "The Northern Rock", the Gibraltaresque Peñon de Ifach, from the beach
On the opposite side of the rock is the bay of Playa Levante -  the tourism centre of Calpe. The jewel in the crown of this location is the beaches along Playa Levante. It is lined with the whitest sandy beaches and clear blue sea. This is why it has become a popular tourism destination. The beaches and the clear waters is some of the best around.
This is where Club Dance is located in Calpe, where we use the 4**** A R Diamante Hotel for all our holidays, with one of the largest ballrooms in Costa Blanca. Club Dance has been coming to Calpe for years, hosting the popular Ceroc Med Fest in September. But there are also other dance holidays in Calpe that Club Dance organises including Line Dancing with the famous Maggie Gallagher, and this year hosting the 10th Anniversary of Salsa Splash. So book now on these upcoming trips, and dance away along the sun kissed resort of Calpe.
And to really get you inspired in taking a trip to Calpe with Club Dance Holidays, take a look at this video of Club Dance travellers doing a flashmob in Calpe here.


7 nights Line Dancing with Maggie G! – 23rd to 30th March 2016
4 nights Special Guests in Calpe – 02nd to 06th June 2016
7 nights Zumba – 12th to 19th June 2016
7 nights Ceroc Med Fest – 11th to 18th September 2016
6 nights Salsa Splash Spain, 10th Anniversary – 20th to 26th September 2016

Zumba pool class at A R Diamante Hotel, Calpe