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Learn a New Skill for 2014


Keeping fit and weight loss are usually the most popular resolutions people make. If dancing is your thing and you’ve already mastered one dance style, there are so many more you can learn! From Salsa to Bollywood, Jive to Flamenco, dancing is a great and enjoyable way to keep fit and lose weight.

You can start 2014 by learning a new skill and go abroad to be fully immersed in the activity with likeminded people. Take a peek below for just some of the holidays we have to offer for 2014.
Fitness Boot Camp on the English Riviera
Designed to build strength and fitness, this is an intensive training programme usually conducted by personal trainers, gyms and former military personnel. The 2 day fitness fiesta includes Zumba, Boxfit, Kettlebells, Pilates, Masala Bangra and more! Click here to learn more.
Salsa in Havana
With a sexy and fun dance style that has conquered the world, this is the ultimate salsa holiday suitable for all ages and abilities from complete beginners to advanced dancers! If you’re looking to be fit, learn something new, and have a fun and exciting experience at the same time, this is the place to go! Click here to learn more.
Austrian Ski Jive Spectacular
The simplest of all partner dances - Modern Jive, also known as Ceroc or LeRoc, with Skiing in Austria makes a perfect winter antidote. If you love skiing and want to learn to jive, or love jiving and want to learn to ski, 7 nights of the Austrian Ski Jive Spectacular is definitely one to go for. Click here for more. 
Tango in Buenos Aires
Known as the dance of love, Tango includes strong and graceful movements with embrace and expression. Here you will get the ‘insiders’ tango experience in Argentina, Buenos Aires where it is believed to be the birthplace of the dance style. Click here for more.
Bollywood Fitness and Masala Bhangra in Bournemouth
This is a weekend immersed in a high energy work out of Just Jhoom! Bollywood and Masala Bhangra. Experience Bollywood dancing - a mixture of various traditional and classical dance styles from all around India with a western twist. Shake those hips and throw your hands up! Click here for more. 
It doesn’t stop there. Click here and view the full list of holidays we have in store for 2014. Whatever you decide, we wish you a happy and healthy 2014!