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How to Avoid Dance Injuries


How to Avoid Dance Injuries

The feeling of pain after a workout is brilliant. But there is a difference in the good pain and the pain caused by an injured area sustained through a workout or dance. Be it a sprained ankle or a strained muscle, the time taken to recover can vary and there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting on being able to dance again.

From all the turning and weight shifts, the whipping around of the hair and the lifts, it’s not difficult to pinch a nerve or damage your muscles. Here are some essential tips on how to avoid suffering from a dance injury.

Warm up - Since forever we’ve known to warm up before performing an intensive workout. This is something that should not be taken for advantage.  Almost any muscle can be strained when you’re dancing especially the hamstrings and the groin area so a warm up is an essential part of any workout.  

Warm-ups should leave you sweating – and when you’re sweating, you know you’ve warmed up!

Stretching - Avoid a dance injury by giving your body a good stretch before and after a workout. Dancers usually only focus on stretching their legs but you can strain yourself anywhere on your body when you’re dancing.

Shoes – Appropriate and fitted shoes should be worn to suit your dance style. Dance shoes distribute the load, absorb impact and support the feet. We also recommend you wear lightweight cotton socks to avoid sweaty and blistered feet!

Posture – Posture is a key element to dance and it’s easy to strain a muscle by getting the posture wrong, for example twisting the body incorrectly...ouch!

Water – As you work out, your body releases water (sweat!) so make sure you drink enough during and after your workout to avoid being dehydrated.