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Bumper Monday


British Airways holidays recently coined the phrase "Bumper Monday", referring to Monday 7 January 2013, predicting this day to be the busiest of the year for holiday bookings.

January and February are traditionally tour operators' most eventful months, with the Back to Work Blues prompting a frenzied demand for access to sunnier climes. Christmas is the ultimate celebration; we spend weeks, or even months, building up to one day of food, family, gluttony and debauchery and although we try to stretch out the festivities for an entire week after 25 December (only coming up for air on around 2 January) there comes a time when we have to face reality.
We return to the office to a full inbox and inane conversations about what we were given for Christmas and it seems we will do anything to delay the return to routine. Perhaps we've saved money over Christmas by "Staying Indoors" and the remainder of our December pay packet / credit card is burning a hole in our pockets. TV, newspapers and even our inbox are flooded with images of exotic locations tempting us to splash the cash on a dream summer; after all, what else is there to look forward to? It's another 350 days until Christmas...
And why not? January is the perfect time to book a holiday and here's why:
1. The weather is abysmal. We don't mind the dark evenings and grey mornings in November and December as they lend a certain festive air. But by January we've had enough of donning coat, gloves, scarf and hat for every single mission to the shops and dream of the days when we can venture out without socks. Booking a holiday brings this dream a little closer.
2. Discounts. Some of the best holiday offers are available in January. Early Bird discounts, January Sales and airlines releasing their new schedules mean that there are plenty of bargains to be had during the dreary winter months.
3. Low Deposits. Spending £1000s at the beginning of the year might be out of reach but you can secure your dream holiday with deposits as low as £50. You get the satisfaction of buying something wonderful but only paying for part of it, at least for now.
4. Something to Look Forward To. With the current financial climate and the fact that we're working harder, we need something to look forward to and make the long hours worthwhile. By booking our holiday at the beginning of the year we feel just a little bit better about those 7am commutes.
5. Get the Holiday You Want. You will already have your dream holiday in mind and you don't want to miss out; holidays do sell out and the good ones are popular for a reason. By booking in January you can rest safe in the knowledge that your summer is sorted.
6. Choice. Last minute deals can be appealing but often leave you with undesirable flight times, compromises on accommodation and even on destination. Early Bookers are generally rewarded with the best prices and the best choice.
If you need any more convincing, take a look at our own selection of special offers: http://www.clubdanceholidays.co.uk/SpecialDeals.asp or call 0207 099 4816.
Happy Holidays!