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Fitness in the Future


Fitness and the way people attempt to lose weight and keep healthy is constantly changing to fit in with today’s modern lifestyles. Here are some quirky yet realistic insights into the fitness in the future ...
Shaky Gyms
Remember those vibrating belts you could purchase from fitness shops? You’d wrap it around your waist and it fooled your body into thinking you were working out while it vibrated and toned up your abs. Vibrating platforms are now the ‘thing’ at the gyms these days. You just need to stand on it for 30 minutes as it shakes off the pounds.  You can even get vibrating dumbbells to speed up the process. It’s only a little while longer until you can walk into an empty, but very shaky gym!  Who needs gym equipment anyway!
Going Green
There are a number of gyms in the U.S and Japan that have their equipment wired up to the national grid to recycle the energy used to create electricity. A nightclub in the Netherlands, called the Watt nightclub, has even had its dance floor wired up to generate electricity from the dancers’ moves. You might discover the pavement down your street, the running track in the park or the ground at the local supermarket has been hooked up to generate enough electricity to source that hot shower when you get home! Who knows!?
Take Flight
More people are now taking flight to enjoy an itinerary of intense fitness training as the demand for fitness increases in the UK. From dance holidays like Salsa in Cuba, Zumba in Bournemouth or Ski Jive in Austria, what could come next? Line Dancing along the Loch Ness? Tango under the Northern Lights? Salsa with Disney? Keep an eye on, you never know, it could just happen!