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Top Packing Tips for your 2014 Holiday


As much as we love the thought of going away, there is one thing that we hate, and that’s packing. There’s so much to think about and so little time to actually spend doing it. What’s my baggage allowance? How much liquid can I actually take in my hand luggage? Is my small suitcase classified as hand luggage? And then there’s the actual packing. What do I take? Is it too much?

These are only just some of the questions that go through a holidaymakers mind when their holiday approaches. There are a lot more! We thought we’d give you a helping hand to begin the New Year stress free. So here are a few packing tips we think are vital for you to know!
1 – The first thing you definitely need to know is your weight allowance and the number of bags you can check in. It’s usually one piece per person but some airlines allow more- providing the combined weight isn’t exceeded! The limit varies across airlines but it’s usually around 20-25kg. Weigh it before you get to the airport so you have an idea, otherwise expect to pay a fee for going over the limit.
2 – Most travellers pack clothes for 2 weeks despite just going away for just a few days! Don’t over-pack. Just pack what you need and be sure to take something in case the weather isn’t as expected! Saying that, it’s not best to travel light either! Some people travel a bit too lightly and forget to pack their medicines or even their passport! Find the balance and pack no more than what you need.
3 – Make separate lists of what to pack, one list of what will go in your suitcase and another for your hand luggage. Documents such as boarding passes, insurance docs, passport etc in your hand luggage, and a breakdown of clothes for each day, shoes, toiletries etc for the suitcase and checking them off as you go along works best.
4 – Sharing is caring! If you’re travelling with someone else or in a group, decide on who will be taking what so you have space in your suitcase to bring back gifts! Someone can take the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner while you can take the shower gel! Remember, most hotels do provide the basics so check with them.
5 – Once you know what you’re taking with you, it’s time to figure out how to pack it. To avoid finding creased clothes in your suitcase when you get to the other side, rather than neatly folding them like you would have them in your dresser, you could roll them up! Backpackers love this method and swear by it. Or you could take a few garments and fold them together so it’s less likely to give you the hassle of having to do the ironing on holiday! Unless you like ironing then feel free to fold them individually.
6 – Ever opened a suitcase to see your shampoo has leaked? Be sure to wrap your toiletries up in a bag to avoid disappointment!
7 – If you love reading and have done a shop especially for your time on the beach, be sure to spread your books out in your suitcase rather than stacking them up. This gives you more room and spreads the weight so it’s easier for you to carry.
8 – We love gadgets as much as you do but are you really going to use them abroad? Some people pack portable DVD players, book lights, even coffee makers! The term “necessary” may vary from one holidaymaker to another, but seriously?  
9 – We love to capture the best holiday memories on camera. If you want to show off your pictures when you come back home, be sure to carry your film with you onboard. Undeveloped film can be damaged during the screening process for checked luggage.
10 – And lastly, always lock the bags you check in. An unlocked suitcase could invalidate your insurance.
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