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Beach Workouts: Why Sand is a Good Prop


Dare I mention beaches and sunshine as it pours down with rain outside. But all in good time ...

Rain or sun, a beach workout is definitely one to try. Here are some of the benefits on working out along the sandy shore...

RUN - Running on wet, hard-packed sand is easy on the joints as it is softer compared to asphalt. You’ll find it’s also more of a challenge too! A run on the sand will help you discover those leg muscles that even you never knew you had! But do remember to warm up and stretch...

SWIM – Rather than taking laps in the pool, a swim in the ocean will be is much tougher and is recommended if you’re an experienced swimmer. Ensure you swim in view of a life guard.

WATER SPRINTS - Water running sprints are great for the legs. Find an area where the water is up to your ankles or calves and sprint. Running in the water forces you to lift your knees higher compared to when you sprint outside water.

YOGA - The beach is the perfect location for a bit of meditation. It’s calming and peaceful, just find the right spot!

GAMES – And finally not forgetting the good old beach games, the traditional beach volleyball, Frisbee and touch football. Grab a few friends and get that heart rate up!