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Berlin - Not only the capital of 'Cool'



You wouldn’t think to associate tango with Berlin, but it is in fact true. In most people’s mind, Berlin is either seen as the centre of major historical events of the 20th century – World War 2 and Nazism, and a city divided by the Cold War powers via The Berlin Wall – or, especially with the younger generation, a partying, hedonistic city where you can spend your time in a club all through the weekend, non-stop, listening to world famous DJs and Techno music.
Berlin, the capital of Germany, was a ruin following the end of the 20th century’s bloodiest war, and the city, along with the country, divided by the victorious allies between the Western and Soviet spheres. This was later cemented by the GDR (Communist East Germany) government erecting the infamous Berlin Wall in 1962, with further enlargements and upgrades throughout the following years, until 1989 when the Wall drought down signalling the end of the Cold War, and the reunification of Berlin and Germany. Since then, Berlin has been slowly rebuilding and re-inventing itself. It now has a booming tech start-up industry, and with the German government based in Berlin around the world famous Reichstag building, has become a centre of power and influence in the European political stage, and an influential partner in global affairs.
It still retains its artistic attitude and openness, with many artists and musicians moving to the city. Berlin has been well known for attracting artists, such as in the roaring 1920s with cabaret and early cinema, and also during the Cold War, where many artists fled from West Germany (BDR) to West Berlin, as West Berliners were exempted from national service. David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave are just some of the famous artists who lived in West Berlin, and before WW2 was the home of Marlene Dietrich and Albert Einstein, as well as many others. Berlin also hosts the prestigious Berlinale film festival every February.


Tango, a sensual form of dance with influences of European and African culture, is a form of partner dance that originated in the districts of Buenos Aires and Montevideo in the early 20th century. It quickly picked popularity in South America, and the dance was brought to Europe where the craze for the dance spread through all the major capitals. Tango was recently added to the UN’s UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2009.
Tango classes happens almost every night in Berlin, with all its varied styles and forms, where there is something for even the most hard core Tango aficionado. In the summer, many people dance outdoors, taking advantage of the famous Berlin summer heat and lengthy daylight. A popular place is in the Mitte district right by Museum Island. Every Wednesdays in the summer people go to dance Tango at Strandbar. This outdoor bar is right by the canal and opposite the world famous Bode and Pergamon Museums. You can watch a video here – it’s just a stunning place to dance.
Club Dance Holidays is offering 2 long weekend holidays to Tango in Berlin for 2016, and what better way to combine a visit to a world famous city and try a world famous dance than that. It’s the perfect opportunity for any tanguero or tanguera to learn or perfect your moves with one of the best teachers for Tango whilst experiencing early summer in this vibrant city.





Tango in Berlin – 4 nights in Berlin
Intermediate/Advanced - 30th June to 04th July 2016
Beginners/Improvers – 12th to 15th August 2016