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West Coast Swing Holidays

West Coast Swing (WCS) is a partner dance with roots in Lindy Hop.

Soak up the sunshine as you immerse yourself into the world of dance with our West Coast Swing dance holiday. Whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced dancer, you will learn and perfect the dance of West Coast Swing, taught by dance champions and choreographers. Meet new people, relax, unwind, and dance, dance, dance!

West Coast Swing is a partner dance, with roots in Lindy Hop. With a distinctive ‘’elastic’’ look from its basic extension-compression technique of a partner connection, it’s an excellent dance for allowing improvisation. It’s also a perfect dance for keeping fit, and offers you the chance to get creative on the dance floor. If you have danced Modern Jive and would like to try West Coast Swing, this is ideal. However, we cater for a range of abilities whether you are a complete first timer just starting out or have been dancing West Coast Swing for years.

Our dance teachers, who are some of the best from the UK and abroad, include competition winners, TV stars and festival organisers. They are just as passionate about dance as you are, which will become clear as they impart their knowledge to you. We offer plenty of West Coast Swing classes to help you perfect the knack, and there is dancing every night in our own private ballroom.?? Our classes have a particular emphasis on the foundations and good solid basics. You will learn the variation patterns and vital techniques in order to create the unique connection and elasticity of West Coast Swing. There will also be enjoyable solo routines, and you will perfect your footwork, styling, body isolation and timing.

There are many opportunities to explore the surrounding area at your leisure and make the most of your holiday. Enjoy wandering around the local area and enjoy a spot of sightseeing when you’re not busy dancing the day away!??On a West Coast Swing holiday, we have freestyle dancing every night, including theme nights and fancy dress, so you will meet great new people who love dance just as much as you do. Our team will take care of everything you need, from travel to accommodation. Leave everything in the hands of your host, and all you have to do is relax, have a good time, and get dancing!