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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers ask us similar questions when choosing and booking their holiday. In this section you will find a selection of these common questions, organised by category. We hope these FAQs will help to answer your own questions. However, if you have a question we don't address here, please e-mail us, and we will answer your question promptly.

About the people who go on Club Dance Holidays

About the classes

About budget and pricing

About dates, flights and travel

About groups travelling together

About children and non-participating travel companions

Is there a discount available if I bring a group?

We offer different incentives and packages for group bookings. Please ring our Reservations Team at 0870 286 6000 for details.

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Do you offer discounts for children?

This will depend on the individual Hotel policy. Please ring our Reservations Team for information.

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Is there a discount for friends/partners who don't wish to particpate in the classes?

On some holidays there is a discount available for those accompanying a dancer, who don't themselves wish to join the dance classes (please speak to the Reservations Team to see whether there is a discount available on the trip you are interested in). They can happily join the rest of the itinerary that we organize.

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How much do I need to budget for?

Each holiday varies so please refer to the fact sheets where we advise what optional extras apply to your holiday and also what you can expect to spend on meals, excursions, going out etc.

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What languages are the classes taught in?

In the main, we work with English-speaking dance teachers. For tuition arranged by Club Fitness Holidays, where tuition is not given in English, simultaneous English translation is provided.

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Are the Studios air conditioned?

Where possible (and especially in the summer) we work with air conditioned studios.

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What levels of fitness do you cater for?

Almost all holidays cater for all levels of fitness from Complete Beginners to Advanced. For confirmation on what levels are catered for on the trip you are interested in, please contact the Reservations Team.

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I am a beginner. Do you cater for me?

Absolutely! - up to 50% of those who come on Fitness Holidays are Beginners. A Fitness Holiday is a unique way of enjoying an intensive fitness programme over a short space of time. In the busy times that we live in, this is the perfect way to quickly master the basics! You'll go home having acquired new skills to build upon, as well as a new motivation.

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How far are the studios from the Hotel?

We carefully plan the holiday so that the Hotels and Fitness Studios are not far away from each other. In the fact sheets you can find information about how far away the Studios are from each Hotel.

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Is there a supplement if I choose a single room?

Hotels tend to charge a room rate rather than a rate per person. This means that if you wish to have a room to yourself there will be a supplement to pay (since our prices are based on one person sharing a twin room). If you would prefer to share a room (thus avoiding the supplement), we can find you a (same sex) roommate for the duration of the holiday.

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Can I join the holiday on different dates?

Should you wish to arrive early or extend your stay, contact our Reservations Team to enquire about availability and extra night supplements. It is not possible to join a group once the holiday has commenced.

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What happens when I arrive at the Airport?

A Dance Holidays Airport transfer to and from your Hotel on the start and finish dates of the holiday is included. Most transfer times are based around London flight arrival and departure times. Please ring Reservations to find out the transfer timings. If you are traveling from a regional airport or from outside the UK, we will try to ensure that your flight coincides with the transfers.

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I don't live in the UK - do I have to start my holiday from the UK?

You can join our programme from wherever you are in the world direct to your chosen destination - we offer flight exclusive prices on all holidays to give you this flexibility.

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How many people generally go on a Fitness Holiday?

The size of each group depends on the time of year and the holiday concept. Our groups range in size from 15 to 150 people. Speak to our Reservations Team to find out about the holiday you are interested in.

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What age are people who go on a Fitness Holiday?

A Fitness Holiday is for all ages.  Fitness, travel and adventure are non-discriminatory and absolutely everyone is welcome whatever their age. If you have any concerns about a specific holiday or event please give our reservations team a call.

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I'm coming on my own - will I find this a problem?

Absolutely not! About 70% of Fitness Holiday clients are single or chose to leave their partners at home. A Fitness Holiday is about the sharing of a great social experience which can be equally enjoyed whether you come on your own or accompanied.

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If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us