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Modern Jive Holidays

Modern Jive is an exciting melange of swing, Lindy Hop, rock and roll, salsa and other dance styles, popular since the 1980s.

An exciting and stylish partner dance, Modern Jive is a simple, easy to learn style that is extremely accessible for beginners as there is no set footwork. For the more experienced Modern Jive aficionado we’ll teach you some of the hundreds of moves, turns and leans available and help you hone in your skills. You’ll certainly never get bored or stop learning with Modern Jive.
Whatever your level, you will have new experiences, create lasting memories and make new friends on a Club Dance Modern Jive holiday, all in the comfort of your resort. Similar to dancing the Modern Jive, your holiday can take whatever style you prefer, from eating in at the resort to exploring the local surroundings. In between the all-important dancing, there are options available to make your break as action-packed or as laid-back as you choose.

What is Modern Jive?

This fusion between swing and rock-and-roll was developed in the 1980’s and based upon American dances such as the Jitterbug popular during World War II. It has continued to evolve to incorporate the best bits of many other styles along the way, including salsa, Lindy Hop and tango.

Borrowing its rhythm and timing from Rock n Roll but also incorporating characteristic Salsa close holds and hip styling, lively Modern Jive is popular with those who wish to keep in shape through dance fitness. However it is more about the social partner dance scene than acrobatic lifts and kicks.

With simple basic steps that can be added to as you wish, Modern Jive allows more personal expression and style than the stricter movements of many ballroom styles. It is less about technical precision and more about personal preference and having fun.

A sociable partner dance: an arm-led partner dance, the male usually takes the lead in Modern Jive, but beginners only need to learn a few basic moves to take to the floor and lead like a king. You’ll be taught by friendly and passionate teachers who will work at your level and help you make the most of your dancing holiday.

There’s no need to have a regular dance partner to enjoy the Modern Jive. In fact, we think it’s beneficial to change partners during the dance so that everyone can take part and learn from different partners at varying levels. You will also find that learning in this way introduces you to the group and helps to make new friends who love dancing as much as you do. You might just find your perfect dance partner on a Club Dance Modern Jive holiday.

Dance to your own beat: without a fixed number of beats in a move, Modern Jive can be danced to anything from the latest chart hits to big band music and all that’s in between. Your classes will include tips on how to continue with your dancing when you return home. So whether you’re taking a twirl in the kitchen or showing off your best moves at a party, you can do it whatever music is playing.

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